Intraspeqt for Recruiters

The secret to a recruiter finding the elusive perfect candidate? We’ve cracked it.
We’re ready to match exceptional minds with the time-pressed people who need them.
And make the experience simple and rewarding for all involved.

True Partnerships

We create long-term partnerships and want you to consider us part of your team. We get to know your company from the inside out. Armed with a deep understanding of your business and culture. We become enthusiastic ambassadors of your brand.

Ethical Candidate Interaction

Candidates can trust that they are being sought by a real company with real talent needs. We learn your business and culture and recruit under your brand. There are no hidden agendas. We are your talent agent!

Applicant Tracking System

Store and organize all your applicants’ information in one software program. Making it easy to manage your candidate pool. Streamline your recruiting process, and improve your candidates’ experience.

Talent Network

We help you find hidden, qualified candidates cost-effectively and efficiently. While our sourcing analysts leverage their well-established networks and connections. They help you identify and connect you to top-notch talent nationwide. You get to maintain control over the interview selection process.

The Right Fit for Your Talent

People are critical to business success. Their skills and competencies empower achievement. Their actions and attitudes shape an employer’s reputation. They create an environment that drives growth. And while finding and starting a new job is often a stressful time. The right employer relationship presents opportunities to develop skills, advance careers, and change lives.

The Right Person Every Time

We evaluate your company’s talent needs and search for and deliver the candidates best suited for the position, budget, and the culture of your company.

Put Your People in the Driver’s Seat of their Recruitment Experience
Your openings get matched to the specialized search firm recruiters with proven track records of finding successful candidates. Intraspeqt is built on strategy. Aligned to your goals and designed to put you in the driver’s seat of your own recruiting experience.
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