The hiring process tailored to your needs

Recruitment With a Human Touch

We synchronize vetted candidates to your tailored needs

You have a clear vision for the future—but need help to bring it to life and make it stick. We get your strategy, structure, and talent in sync.
We provide hiring companies and firms with unparalleled reach across industries and functionalities. Intraspeqt is home to highly-skilled, dedicated recruiters. We deliver upon your executive search with speed, discretion, and lasting results.
No one knows your company better than you do. We sit down with you and explore exactly what your needs are. Then we tap into our candidate network and shortlist vetted candidates. We work with you until we find the right fit every time.
Recruitment shouldn’t be a headache or filled with surprises down the line.

The first step to solving a personnel problem is understanding what you need. We itemize what you are looking for a candidate and what would be the perfect fit for your needs and company.

The Assessment

After the Discovery through possible candidates we go through their resumes and assessments. This helps verify that your company and the candidate are the right fit. We tailor this experience for you. Verifying that the candidate will have a long term commitment to you and your needs.

Strategic Outreach

We look within our specialized candidate network. These candidates are then prevetted and assessed within their field of choice. This database helps us determine the best possible candidate that fits your needs.


Once we have chosen a handful of perfect candidates you have the final say. You get a chance to interview only the people who fit your job and can bring value to your organization.



Tailored Recruitment

The way we train our people to find, evaluate and match candidates and clients is unique. We not only match you with the perfect candidate, but we make sure they are the right fit all the way through. From the first interview to after they've been hired. Why? Because we value your satisfaction.

Industry Expertise

Our recruiters possess a higher level of understanding.

Offering a sharper perspective about your industry. By being niche specialists instead of generalists. This allows us to know exactly what you need before you need it and be proactive in your search for the right candidate. Presenting you with vetted candidates that not only work but can grow with your company and fit well within your corporate culture.


With over 1,500 search professionals spanning four continents.

We have one of the largest executive talent pools. By combining our size and scope with an infrastructure enabling real-time access to candidates, information, and training. Every candidate that is submitted to you is part of our exclusive network, ready to work on your time. We take out the guesswork of vetting and hiring your next candidate, keeping you informed every step of the way with the choices you have made to meet your needs.
Look beyond a resume
Find and tailor the perfect candidate for you
Nothing you do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not strategies.

Take Control of Your Recruitment Process

Our goal is to use digital technology to create a seamless hiring experience.

We understand not everyone will be the perfect fit for your needs. That it will be different depending on your specific industry. We will work with you to find the right person for your job. It is our goal to make you an Intraspeqt client. To help you find the perfect candidate every time .

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